"Battodo" (抜刀道) means the way of drawing the sword. It is a Japanese sword art in which forms generally begin from the draw.


You might be thinking, wait a minute, that sounds a lot like iaido. Very astute. I'd be hard-pressed to differentiate between the two other than to say that "iaido" translates to something like "the way of harmony with existence," while "battodo" is a more literal name for what we do.


Toyama ryu (戸山流) battodo is a specific style that was formulated almost a century ago when Japan's military enlisted a group of master swordsmen, including Hakudo Nakayama sensei, to teach officers how to use their katanas quickly and effectively. Toyama ryu is the result.


After the war, three main instructors began teaching Toyama ryu to civilians, each stressing different aspects and making slight modifications. We follow Taisaburo Nakamura sensei's line, as taught by Mitsuo Hataya sensei.


Unlike many other sword-drawing styles, Toyama ryu has no techniques from seated positions. This makes it a viable option for students whose knees may be incompatible with seated practice.


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