Zach Biesanz
Yondan, Toyama Ryu (ZNTIR)
Sandan, Seitei Battodo (USFBD)

I started studying Toyama ryu battodo in 2011 at Byakkokan Dojo, where I still train under Sang Kim sensei. I established the Brooklyn Battodo study group in 2016 as an extension of Byakkokan.


I strongly believe in teaching what I know well, not just parroting what my teachers said. Sometimes that means admitting that I don't know that answer to a question, which I would rather do than try to make something up.

When I'm teaching, I emphasize structure, posture, and body integration; I draw heavily on my yoga practice for this. It's necessary for effective power transfer, but it's also important for everyday life. I also emphasize efficient movement, presence/awareness, pressure, and composure under stress. And of course proper technique and martial effectiveness.


I also hold nidan in aikido and train regularly at New York Aikikai and Aikido of Park Slope.


2019 Tsi-State Battodo Tai Kai

-1st place, gekken


2018 Polyclash Tri-State Polymer Weapon Tournament (Cairo, New York)

 - 5th place, gekken

2018 East Coast tai kai (Melbourne, Florida)

 - 3rd place, tameshigiri, nidan-sandan division

2016 ZNTIR tai kai (Machida, Japan)

 - 2nd place, tameshigiri, nidan-sandan division

2015 USBFD tai kai (Melbourne, Florida)

 - 2nd place, gekken

 - 3rd place, team tameshigiri

Address:  630 Sackett Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217       


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