Byakkokan Dojo

Zen Nihon Toyama-ryu Iaido Renmei

This organization, headed by Mitsuo Hataya sensei, teaches Nakamura-ha Toyama ryu battodo.


U.S. Federation of Batto-Do

This organization was designed to bring together battodo practitioners of various ryuha (styles) through two sets of seitei kata.



I started studying Toyama ryu battodo in 2011 at , where he still train under Sang Kim sensei. I established the Brooklyn Battodo study group in 2016 as an extension of Byakkokan.


I strongly believe in teaching what I know well, not just parroting what my teachers said. Sometimes that means the answer to a student’s question is “I don’t know,” followed by developing my own understanding through intense training.


I also hold shodan in aikido and train regularly at New York Aikikai and Aikido of Park Slope.

Address:  630 Sackett Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217       


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